Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can I get a selected dog?
Answer: You can contact us by phone or email. With a new customer we prefer to meet in person. If you don’t want to come or you’re not able to come to Europe, you can choose the dog anyways. We arrange all details as to where and when the dog is supposed to be sent. We can work on the wire transfer. After the payment is sent, we will manage all necessary details mentioned above. But, if you decide to come to our kennel and see the dogs yourself, we prefer that way for us. If you are our customer for the first time, we will pick you up from the airport ( Warsaw ) and take care of you. Don’t worry about hotel, we will provide. You can test dogs by yourself and decide which dog you want. Then we drive you back to the airport with the dogs.

Question: How can I get the health guarantee for my dog ?
Answer: We fully guarantee that our dogs are free of any medical issues. Each dog is completely examined by a veterinarian. If you decide to buy a dog, we will give you an 8 week guarantee for x-rays after purchasing. Also, we provide you with a health certificate. If the purchased dog develops any genetic medical problems during the first 12 months of ownership, and it’s determined that the problem is genetic, the dog will be replaced for free. We reserve the right to have our veterinarians review all medical records from your veterinarian before any replacement dog will be issued.

Question: Do you have a performance guarantee?
Answer: We offer this type of guarantee, as well. Unless otherwise stated, all our dogs come with a 14 day working guarantee. If the purchased dog does not have the drives that you requested, please let us know, and we will make a deal on getting you a replacement dog.